Credit for Patients

We offer a wide range of credit options for patients. We not only cover insured but uninsured patients as well. Our products are designed in such a manner that patients can avail credit at 0% interest & that too instantly.

Loans for Uninsured Customers

Patients who do not have insurance can be offered a loan at 0% interest from DigiSparsh wherein the patient gets an option to repay the loan in 6/9/12 or 18 months with equated installments.

Features of the Loan
Interest free loan

Bare minimum documents required
Loan amount range from Rs 20,000- 5,00,000
Flexible tenure of 6/9/12 & 18 month to repay the loan
PF of 2% of the loan amount is charged from the customer
Reimbursement Financing
We offer loans to patients for their treatment who have insurance but are unable to access cashless cover from the hospital due to non availability of tie up between insurance company and hospital or for any other reason where hospital refuses to do cashless treatment of the customer.
Features of the Loan

We pay on the behalf of the patient to the hospital for the treatment availed

We submit the documents of the patients for insurance claim settlements

We do not charge any interest to the patient for our service

The patient repays the amount once the insurance company settles the claim