Credit For Suppliers

We offer invoice discounting solutions for the suppliers of healthcare ecosystems. We settle the invoices instantly for the suppliers thereby improving the flow of working capital for them.

Features of the Product

Suppliers or vendors of the hospitals provide consumables or services and are paid post 30-90 days of the supply of the inventory, which results in the blockage of supplier’s working capital. We have carved out a solution by offering an invoice discounting product to the hospitals where suppliers or vendors get credited instantly through digisparsh thereby continuing the same credit period for the hospitals with discounts on the invoices.

Instant Disbursement

Disbursement of loan within few hours to suppliers, post the delivery of the goods or services.

Revenue Share With Hospital

Hospital also get a certain share of interest that we charge from suppliers which in turn end up in hospital's savings on invoices.

100% Digital

No manual intervention required, everything is available at a click of a button Single portal for suppliers, hospitals and lenders.