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India's First Fintech for Financing Entire Healthcare Ecosystem - DigiSparsh
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DigiSparsh is India's first and only healthcare fintech platform which aims to make healthcare facilities accessible to everyone in the country. We help patients to get the best solution to fund their medical needs and solve hospital's cash flow needs by providing them with working capital loans.

We believe everyone should have the right to avail funds 24/7 for medical emergencies and hence, launching an end to end digital solution which a customer can access at any time is important. DigiSparsh solves this core problem that we face today and makes sure that no one ever will have to make a choice between life & money.

We have developed a platform that provides access to all kinds of medical loans by connecting with patients through health aggregators & hospitals. It has enabled us to find the best solution for customers’ medical requirements at lowest interest rates.

Our Aim

We intend to become the biggest financial service provider for the healthcare sector and ensure that our country has the best healthcare services accessible to every citizen. We have made the process of availing loans so easy that everyone can have access to funds.

Our aim is to provide medical loans to customers at the time of need, so that they do not have to face financial issues. We want to make sure that everyone gets healthcare facilities and treatment which they rightly deserve.

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Medical Collateral Free Loans at Affordable Rate of Interest - DigiSparsh

Invoice Discounting of Insurance Claims Receivables

With the growing cashless treatment in healthcare segment, one of the peculiar problem that the hospitals face today is blocking of working capital. This is mainly because of the time taken by insurers to settle the amount to the hospital. On an average, the insurers take 45 days to release the payment to the hospital. This becomes a challenge for the hospital as significant cashflow gets disturbed due to this delay.

DigiSparsh understands the importance of working capital in any business and we aim to solve this problem for hospital's by funding the insurance amount in just few hours, via our ‘Invoice Discounting Product’.

The salient features of this product are

• Settlement of claims within few hours

• Collateral free loans

• Fully digital and hasslefree process

• Affordable rate of interest

Coming Soon

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DigiSparsh ensures success to their partners, starting from increasing the patient conversion to making it profitable. We intend to provide the best healthcare solutions to patients ensuring that every person gets the best treatment at affordable prices. We help people to pay their treatment expenses in advance through a reliable payment platform. It assures zero credit risk for the medical institutions and convenience to the patients.

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Why should hospitals partner with DigiSparsh?

DigiSparsh helps partners to offer medical services to more patients and manage the patient treatment lifecycle with zero upfront costs.
Listed below are few reasons why hospitals should partner with us:

Enhance conversion rates

Our financial assistance increases the affordability of treatments. So, patients can get treated without thinking about money. It helps hospitals to treat more patients.

Improve retention rates

Lack of funds is the primary reason why people avoid getting continuous treatment from the best hospitals. But through our platform, people can get enough cash reserve to avoid this situation.

Increase hospitals' reach

By partnering with numerous hospitals & thousands of active patient accounts, we have enabled hospitals to cater to a larger audience.

Why should Healthcare aggregators partner with DigiSparsh?

DigiSparsh helps aggregators to provide value added services like offering lending solutions to their existing and prospective customers. We also enable you to have potential customers that can avail loans according to their eligibility criteria. Our platform is completely digital, making it easier for customers to find you for their financial requirements. Here are some benefits of partnering with us

Get new customers

Most people are not able to discover the best loan options due to lack of knowledge. We help customers to discover them so that they can fund their financial requirements.

Speed up the verification process

At DigiSparsh, we make sure that when a customer reaches out to avail a loan, they have all the requisite documents and are eligible for the loan. It helps in speeding up the process with minimal verification.

Reliable digital collection mechanism

We have an exclusive collection mechanism that allows patients to repay the loan with easy installments & on a timely basis.

Why should Healthcare aggregators partner with DigiSparsh?

Founding Team

Saurabh Soni -  Co-Founder & CEO  - DigiSparsh
Saurabh Soni
Co-Founder & CEO
Akhilesh Gandhi - Co-Founder & CTO  - DigiSparsh
Akhilesh Gandhi
Co-Founder & CTO

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